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Datsun Sports was started in 1981 when Mike Young, a seasoned San Francisco master mechanic, set out to answer his true calling in life: to help others enjoy Datsun sports cars. For Mike, this calling became a very deep obsession. Today Mike's obsession grows unabated. Fortunately for Datsun roadster and Z car enthusiasts, this obsession has produced a gold mine.

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Mike and his Datsun Roadster dogs
Mike at Sardine Lake, Ca. Just below the Sierra Buttes (elev 6500 ft). More pics here.

Coming Soon! Big Datsun show in Southern California.
Great cars, good people!

2015 Mt Shasta Datsun Roadster Meet: July 16-18

'67 2000 Frame-off Restoration

Dec 2014 '68 1600:

1967 Datsun 2000 Convertible

This late 1960s roadster, advertised as one of The most collectible cars right now on Yahoo! features an infectious, throaty engine and a petite, curvy body as the spirited predecessor to the Nissan Z line. The introductory year was produced in small numbers. A brand new Datsun 2000 sold for about $3,000 in 1967. The closely related 1968 Datsun 1600 sold at Gooding and Company's Amelia Island auction for over $50,000 in March.

'68 2000 "Grabber Blue" Sneak Peak!

'67 Datsun 2000-Beige-Gray Metallic

67.5 1600

Datsun Roadster

Mt Shasta Roadster Meet

Datsun Sports Competition lowering Springs:
Special Post-Shasta Show Pricing

'67 Datsun 2000, SRL311-00266,
Prepared for the Concours d' Elegance in Marin, CA

'68 2000 Blue

67.5 Datsun 1600

1967 Datsun 2000
SRL311-00500... display only

67.5 2000 #550

Lil Red ’64 Datsun 1500 (three seat model)

More pics here.

64 datsun roadster

Datsun Roadster Ramblings
Check out the latest Southern California Roadster Ramblings

 Nice car!
Sample of Mike's Workmanship — more pics here.

2011 Mt. Shasta Datsun Car Show

July 8th, Friday & July 9th Saturday

Mike will be taking his ’67 2000 to the Shasta show on a new set of Panasports/Yokahamas. Registration info is at

Pics from the show are here.

Rube Goldberg lives here. Climb ladder to truckbed, climb carrier to lift. Find Mike working on his new pergola over his outdoor shop. More pics and the cantilever story here.

Mike Young’s datsun wins Best of Show
at 2011 Solvang Car Show

Mike has a little trivia as well: Richard Klimmert, from The Netherlands! is the Long distance visitor!

Solvang Datsun Show and Vintage Race Report 5/1/11

(excerpted from Z-Car Blog)

This year’s show brought Datsun owners from all over the country and even the Netherlands! There were 68 cars including roadsters, 510s, Zs and others from showroom-stock examples to wildly modified beasts. Here are a few show highlights from a roadster-owner’s point of view; it’s not hard to see that we love our cars and there is a dedicated following to keep them on the road!

Mike Young is known as a top Datsun restoration specialist and he won Best in Show with his fully restored and concourse-correct 1967.5 2000. This is the most coveted model of all Datsun roadsters with less than 1000 cars produced and even fewer still in existence. Mike has great attention to detail and it shows throughout the car even in the engine bay:

And some more pics from Mike:

Mike's Best of Show Datsun at Solvang 2011

Rob’s RB-Powered Datsun 240z

(excerpted from Z-Car Blog)

One of my hobbies is 1/24 scale model car building. In the past few years I’ve focused on building scale replicas of friend’s personal cars. Rob’s 1970 240z holds a special place in my Z heart and I thought it would be a nice challenge to make a model faithful to the real car.

See more pics here.

A Perfect 1971 Datsun 240Z

Collector ’69 Roadster

Black ’68 Datsun Roadster 2000

1967½ Datsun Roadster 1600

Mike’s Latest Work

Mount Shasta Datsun Roadster Car Show.
My cars always receive recognition at car shows!

The Big Surprise!

Red Ribbon on Roadster

Find out more...

Introducing Archie

The new Datsun Roadster Mascot

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