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Mt. Shasta Datsun Roadsters
Home of the Mt. Shasta Datsun Roadster Meet

Jun 20 to Jun 22. 40th annual meeting!! Could be the last one! Come and enjoy these little cars and the unique folks who follow them !!

3 days of fun and socializing!

Once a year, Datsun Roadster enthusiasts meet in Mt. Shasta for the Mt. Shasta Datsun Roadster meet. This 3-day event's headquarters are at the Swiss Holiday Lodge with additional activities at Shastice Park, Downtown Shasta and the Community Center.

Meet event activities include:

Other events not affiliated with the meet are Fun Run and Paul's Coast. This is a great opportunity to network with fellow roadster enthusiasts from various places throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Japan, Europe and Australia enthusiasts have attended in the past.

A gathering of classic cars that come with some really great enthusiasts equals a fantastic time for all.

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